Aropa Definition: affection and empathy expressed through sharing and cooperation

Young people in care should be happy, healthy, and safe from harm, able to develop, thrive and fulfil their potential.

Aropa Care Group undertake to adhere to the key principles underpinning the Social Services and ‘Well-being (Wales) Act 2014’ and ‘Every Child Matters’ Government Policy, and is committed to an approach and philosophy that enables young people to achieve the following in a person-centred way:

Be healthy

Our Homes aim to provide and support individuals to live a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of their lives. Where individuals are able, they are supported and encouraged to take responsibility for their own health and are guided by staff to achieve their outcomes.

Stay safe

We ensure that all young people feel safe in their home. They are cared for in an environment which is intended to ensure that they feel able to communicate any concerns about their safety and wellbeing, and that they feel listened to and taken seriously if and when they do.

Enjoy and achieve

Our aim is to create a culture within our team, which encourages everyone to be aware of the areas the young people need help with, for them to be happy, successful, healthy and safe. Our consistent approach to daily structure aims to enable our team to build an excellent understanding of where our young people display strengths and identify where they may need more support.

Make a positive contribution

We strongly value the importance of consistency in the lives of young people and ensure that this is reflected in the care that we provide. There are clear and structured boundaries and routines in place to help manage their more challenging behaviours and encourage them to express their difficulties in a more positive and creative way.

Achieve economic well-being

Young people are fully supported and encouraged to look at their future positively and to reach independence goals that will enrich their confidence and knowledge on how to achieve independence in their future lives as adults.

Education and learning opportunities

We believe that education is a passport to adult success, achievement and wellbeing. Every looked after child has the right to fulfil their true potential and we encourage this by prioritising educational progress and achievement, developing emotional resilience and encouraging play and recreational activities.

Linguistic, cultural and/ or religious identities

Aropa Care Group respects and values diversity and religious beliefs. The specific requirements of individuals will be met whenever possible.

Family and personal relationships

Birch Lodge highly values the importance of supporting and encouraging family relationships where appropriate and recognises that young people having links with their families and knowledge of their history is an important part of their emotional development and attachment needs.