About Us

Mission statement

Aropa Care Group aims to provide high quality homes for young people offering an atmosphere which promotes security, trust, fairness and privacy for its young people within a safe and caring environment.

Our vision

We work to prepare the young person for the next stage of their life, whether that is returning to their family, moving on to foster care or independent living.

Aropa Care offers an environment with a person-centred, therapeutic approach to help young people regain the balance in their lives. Above all we aim to provide a nurturing environment in which the young people are able to take more control over their own lives. We believe that our homes can support young people to achieve their potential with a specific function and clear outcomes.

Our core values

Principles and Values of Aropa Care Group are based on family values of respect, caring, education, social and leisure pursuits and good health. We achieve this by:

  • Putting the voices of young people at the heart of our service, design and delivery
  • Deliver support that is tailored to the individual and the diverse needs of young people in our homes
  • Address health and well-being and promote high quality care
  • Encourage a warm and caring environment so that the young person feels safe, valued and protected
  • Help young people to develop a strong sense of personal identity and maintain the cultural and religious beliefs they choose
  • Ensure young people are prepared for and supported in their transition to their family, foster care or adulthood
  • Support the young people to participate in the wider network of peer, school and community activities to help build resilience and a sense of belonging
  • Ensure young people have a stable experience of education that encourages high aspiration and supports them in achieving their potential